5 Tips for Simply Classical Teacher Training within Classical Schools


From Cheryl Swope | October 28, 2016 | On Classical Education

1. We offer Simply Classical at a bulk rate for teacher training. This book helps everyone be “on the same page” in an accessible, enjoyable way. Schools in Kentucky, Texas, Colorado, and Montana, have used Simply Classical as successful Book Club faculty training.

2. If you want to create your own Simply Classical Classroom, let us know! We now have full-year curriculum for skill levels at age 2 and up. You can plan a tutorial classroom for special-needs students within your school. We will help! Provide Special Needs Early Childhood, K-1, and 2-3 with the new Simply Classical Curriculum. This allows students with special needs to remain in the school with friends, brothers, and sisters while receiving an excellent classical education at the students’ own pace.

3. Visit websites of other classical schools successfully serving special-needs students. See especially the “School Within a School” program at Veritas Christian Academy and the Inclusive Education model at Immaculata Classical Academy.

4. Use the Simply Classical vimeo set for six hours of inexpensive teacher training: Part One and Part Two.

5. Bring your entire staff to the Louisville Memoria Press conference in 2016. The staff can attend plenary classical sessions, breakout teacher-training sessions by grade, pre- or post-conference certification training, or special-needs sessions.

Contact me privately, cherylswope@memoriapress.com, if you need assistance with any of these options.



Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child


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