A Tiara, Down Syndrome, & the Simply Classical Curriculum


From Cheryl Swope | October 27, 2016 | Reflections

Yesterday my daughter wore white gloves, pearls, and a deep blue velveteen dress. Beneath a sparkling tiara and coiffed chestnut curls, Michelle floated with poise, steadied by her daddy’s arm. As each participant approached center stage of the pageant for special needs, we heard, “Clyde’s favorite food is pizza,” or “Cindy loves listening to Carrie Underwood.”

Some waved, others smiled broadly. Some looked shyly at the floor. Beaming in the spotlight, the familiar faces brought tears to our eyes.

Many of my daughter’s peers have Down syndrome.  All endure challenges in some form. So do their parents. I do not know all available educational options, but I hope our new curriculum (now with 9 available levels & more on the way) will help transform and elevate educational content, as we seek to bring beautiful books, poetry, and music to children with Down Syndrome, autism, severe learning disabilities, and other special needs.

If you have not yet read the inspiring story of Kate, a little girl with Down syndrome and one of the very first to receive an education through the Simply Classical Curriculum, see this with photos from Sandbox to Socrates.


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