Teaching Latin to Children with Special Needs

We give thanks for the tremendous honor indicated in the photo: having received the Excellence in Education Award four times. Voted #1 for Special Learners! Long before the release of Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child and the subsequent Simply...

What I’m Working On

Over more than a decade, schools and parents have asked me questions about students with special needs and about classical education. They range from broad, philosophical questions, “What Is Classical Education?” to specific, practical topics such as...

Teaching Place Value with Special Needs

Teaching place value can be difficult with students who struggle with the effects of dyscalculia, intellectual disability or other challenges. One mother writes regarding her adopted children who suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and resulting “Place Value Woes.”...

Classical Christian Education: Simply Defined

Our definition shared here for you: “A classical Christian education is a formative education designed to incline the student to that which is true, good, and beautiful through the liberal arts and sciences, guided by the great literature, art, music, and ideas...

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