Classical Christian Education: Simply Defined

Our definition shared here for you: “A classical Christian education is a formative education designed to incline the student to that which is true, good, and beautiful through the liberal arts and sciences, guided by the great literature, art, music, and ideas...

Fine-Motor Skills & Special Needs

For some children, coloring seems natural and engaging. For others, fine-motor skills need help! This afternoon a homeschooler asked how to help her son. This was my response: You may do any or all of the following to help him: 1. Pre-outline Before he sees the page,...

Happy National Handwriting Day!

We love celebrating writing! Today only, save 15% on all handwriting materials from Memoria Press. This includes our unique Simply Classical Handwriting Lesson Plans. Order from with promo code 20nhd15%. Tip: Beginning students will need 1) New...

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