Books from Cheryl Swope

Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child
Cheryl Swope

This revolutionary book guides parents and teachers in implementing the beauty of a classical education with special-needs and struggling students.

Eternal Treasures: Teaching Your Child at Home
Cheryl Swope with Rachel Whiting: All proceeds go to the LCMS.

This handbook assists parents, pastors, congregations, and day schools in encouraging and equipping families who seek to bring strong academics and Christian catechesis to their children in the home.

Through Time’s Looking Glass: A Book of Poetry
Michelle Lynn Swope

Ponder insights borne of suffering, and find mercy for your days. As a young woman with autism, language disorders, learning disabilities, and schizophrenia, Michelle finds solace in words.

Curriculum Resource Guide for Classical Lutheran Education
Cheryl Swope with Melinda Heine: All proceeds go to the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education (CCLE).

Equip your school or home with a list of resources for instruction in strong academics, the Christian faith, and a rich, liberal arts education.

God’s Harvest
Michelle Swope

Michelle Swope, Cheryl's daughter, writes "fireside poems" to soothe, amuse, and uplift. Born with autism, Michelle developed schizophrenia in childhood but received a classical education that led to her love of words.

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