Learn More about Classical Education

On our Patreon page this morning we shared five distinct ways to learn more about classical education. This resulted from a recent dinner conversation at a convention in Cincinnati with five influential people in the field. The insights and reflections reminded me...

Homeschooling & Special Needs

Last night I joined Peggy Ployhar from SPED Homeschool for a live video conversation she entitled “Wisdom from the Trenches with Cheryl Swope”. We chatted about what to do when a child hits a “plateau,” how to manage the household while...

Recently in Our Patreon Group

We are creating an entire library of my reflective posts, professional lectures, and topical articles. I LOVE the format, ease, and intimacy of Patreon. I find the setting superior to other options, especially as those other “options” come under increasing...

Setting Boundaries: ASD, Bipolar, ODD, ADHD

For a child with a weak, distractible, or recalcitrant mind, rules can seem difficult to remember and impossible to follow. It is as if every situation involves a new door through which entering guarantees only impending pitfalls. In our private post we share what we...

Michelle’s Christmas Poem 2020

One cold and bitter night, Christ the Son of light Was born for me and you To save, redeem, renew. His holy Father gave Beneath the sky so blue A name versed well above you, A name both far and true. A name, a gift, He gave us, A Savior named for thee; A light of...

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