Classical Early Childhood Education


From Cheryl Swope | October 27, 2016 | On Classical Education

Have you ever wondered what to do before the liberal arts? Do we know what a “classical preschool” looks like? How ought we think about Early Childhood Education from a classical Christian perspective?

The answer is simple. A gentle, delightful, and playful foundation in Manners, Movement, and Music prepares any child for his education in the trivium and quadrivium.

This wonderful book bolsters and expands upon this argument in a scholarly way, The Liberal Arts Tradition: A Philosophy of Christian Classical Education. The authors present a thoughtful paradigm of Piety, Gymnastics, and Music for our youngest children. (For the sake of alliteration and to comport with my theological understanding, I suggest Manners, Movement, and Music.)

If you want to learn more, simply examine the readiness skills, skills to develop, and philosophy behind our gentle, award-winning Classical Preschool program now used in schools and homeschools to the delight of young children and their teachers. I find this paradigm very refreshing.

We want far more than electronic entertainment, unstimulating day care, or overtaxing academics for our youngest children! We want to teach manners, share beauty, live with kindness, delight with music, encourage movement, ignite imagination, cultivate true creativity, and nurture an early love of books. “The most important part of education is right training in the nursery. The soul of the child in his play should be guided to the love of … excellence.” Plato, Laws, as quoted in Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child.


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