“Delightful!” — Meet Simply Classical, Early Childhood Special Education Curriculum


From Cheryl Swope | May 24, 2018 | For Special Needs, Teaching Resources

Looking for an effective, easy-to-teach early childhood special-needs program for autism, intellectual disability, ADHD, motor or language delays? Simply Classical Levels A, B, and C are designed for boys and girls with all of these special needs and more. With free readiness assessments in fine-motor, speech and language, cognition, and social-emotional areas, you can know exactly where to begin. (For older children, see Simply Classical Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and beyond. Look for 5 & 6 later in 2018).

Teach your child yourself, as homeschoolers are doing with gratifying successs, or recommend Levels A, B, and C for your early-childhood special education classroom. We offer 34-week lessons in both charter and Christian versions. One parent wrote, “Run – don’t walk – to the Simply Classical Curriculum! There is nothing else like it.”

Kate, a Simply Classical student, is a little girl with Down syndrome. Kate’s mother wrote this:

“…The final, and the most beautiful, piece to the puzzle for Kate’s early preschool education is the new Simply Classical curriculum from Memoria Press. Hearkening back to the quote from Martin Cothran*, and based on her book, Cheryl Swope is designing classical curriculum for special needs children. We have begun working through the first level with Kate this summer.

We start each day with a prayer from the beautiful Little Golden Book Prayers for Children. When we talk about the baby birds and mama bird on the page, Kate practices her speech and her signing. From there, each day includes basic calendar activities (days of the week and weather), counting and alphabet recitation, as well as beginning memory work from Scripture. We then read the book of the week.

Cheryl Swope has chosen wonderful books from authors including Beatrix Potter, Richard Scarry, Eric Carle, and Margaret Wise Brown, among others. Because these are board books, they are perfect for little hands and allow Kate to practice her fine motor skills by turning the pages for me.

Fine and gross motor, oral language, and other therapies are wrapped into the weekly readings. We practice making a pointing finger to count objects; we jump, squat down, and push strollers to act out parts of a story; we discuss feelings and learn empathy while learning to read emotions on the faces of the characters.

Cheryl Swope has taken those skills that need explicit instruction and woven them beautifully into activities springing out of the books we are reading. She has captured special needs preschool and bottled it inside something true, good, and beautiful.”

*If a child cannot accommodate the amount or depth of knowledge of most children, it is not less, but more important that what he learns be of the highest quality. Martin Cothran

Read more testimonials and watch our video. Visit ClassicalSpecialNeeds.com to learn more. For ordering information beyond what you see on the links above, contact sales@memoriapress.com.


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