From Cheryl Swope | November 19, 2018 | Michelle’s Poetry

After she and I began studying Latin again, Michelle started writing poetry again.

Fascinating to me, this is her latest:


Pray thee sister lend a hand,
Quaint and rustic this chosen band.
Afar the moon doth turn …
Above the ground it burns.
Pray little sister wait.
Nod off to the land so Great.
The tide of shores asleep doth take
Little grand masters and misses wake.
Even though I pray for thee now
Death’s strong bands ensconce thy brow.
Say little sister I beg of thee vow
Wait yet watch from heaven now.

Michelle Swope

Michelle’s poetry books to date
Through Time’s Looking Glass
God’s Harvest 
She is working on a third volume with anticipated release of 2020.

Her full story with her twin brother and with plenty of hope for your child
Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child (Memoria Press)


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