Michelle’s Christmas Poem 2020


From Cheryl Swope | December 24, 2020 |

One cold and bitter night,
Christ the Son of light
Was born for me and you
To save, redeem, renew.

His holy Father gave
Beneath the sky so blue
A name versed well above you,
A name both far and true.

A name, a gift, He gave us,
A Savior named for thee;
A light of love, of justice
Above all names indeed.

Holy is the Son,
The Godhead Trinity,
Born and ne’er forgotten
On that blessed Nativity.

Lo, the angels cry
And all the heavens too,
“Christ in low estate,
Hath come to rescue you.”

“Holy is the LORD,”
Yet as He is to say:
I was born in meekness,
My people, world to save.

Michelle Swope
Christmas 2020

Wishing a merry Christmas to all!


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