NEW Myself & Others: Lessons for Social Understanding, Habits, & Manners


From Cheryl Swope | July 26, 2017 | For Special Needs

From Memoria Press, the leader in classical teaching resources for challenged children, a new resource will release soon. Not just for special needs, “Myself & Others” is a Simply Classical Resource for teaching social skills, healthy habits, and manners in the home and school. Literature-rich with practical lessons, the first of these 14-week programs is scheduled for release in 2017! Suitable as a stand-alone set of lessons for a single semester, summer, or separate unit on character development, this program was created by request. I have seen the formatted draft and cannot wait to share this! We will post to and elsewhere when it releases.

Myself & Others: Lessons for Social Understanding, Habits, & Manners
A Simply Classical Resource

Learn a little bit more here and a little more here. Suitable for charter schools, cottage schools, home schools, special or resource classrooms, and more ….


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