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From Cheryl Swope | April 5, 2021 | Faith, For Special Needs, Michelle’s Poetry, On Classical Education, Reflections, Teaching Resources

We are creating an entire library of my reflective posts, professional lectures, and topical articles.

I LOVE the format, ease, and intimacy of Patreon. I find the setting superior to other options, especially as those other “options” come under increasing scrutiny.

Everything in our Patreon group feels private, personal, and secure. This affords me the ability to gather the best from all corners of forums and emails, websites and new experiences into one place.

Recently we shared …

Our Good Friday and Easter Morning
An Accountability Challenge to patrons (and to myself)
– My Special-Needs Sports story from last week
– Photos from my daughter’s first GHC convention. She rose to the occasion!
My son, who teaches me to focus on what a child CAN do
– A new, growing list of colleges/universities offering programs in classical education
– and more

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