Redeemed by Love – A Poem from Michelle


From Cheryl Swope | October 21, 2016 | Faith

My daughter Michelle would like to have all of her musings in one place. Given the inherent disorganization created by her various conditions — disorganized schizophrenia, autism, and learning disabilities –  her poems often scatter about the house.

This week, as we cleaned and straightened, I found a poem I had never seen. [By the way, “lucent” means luminous or clear. Maybe you knew this, but I needed a dictionary!]

When we finished cleaning, I carried this poem with me to read quietly. This one touched me as a lovely reminder.



Oh transient love,

Oh lucent stream

By bough, by branch,

By love redeem.


Oh foggy nights,

Oh spacious hour

When God alone desires

The wandering man.


No hope might he have

Until the time

Eternal love

Enters in.



For God loved us

So that we might love

The one

Who needs a friend.


Michelle Lynn Swope


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