Resources to Help & Encourage Writers


From Cheryl Swope | July 20, 2017 | For Writers

Resources to Help & Encourage Writers

Writing is the solitary pursuit that, ironically, can connect us deeply as human beings.

Whether you are an avid blogger, published author, or writer in your own quiet journal, where do you prefer to write? How do you find the time? Is “life” a handmaiden to writing, or a devious interruption? A few months ago, beloved Lutheran fiction author Katie Schuermann and I discussed answers to these questions in her podcast. We invite you to listen here.

Before I ever submitted my first manuscript, I read many books on writing. And, because I homeschooled twins at the same time, I read books on how to find time for writing! We could not cover all of my most dog-eared books on writing in the podcast, so you will find these titles here…. Keep reading.



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