Teach Social Skills to Children with (or without) Special Needs


From Cheryl Swope | June 4, 2019 | For Special Needs, Teaching Resources

Myself & Others: Lessons in Social Understanding, Habits, & Manners

14-week mini-programs for improving social skills for any student ages 4-13.

We teach through classic children’s literature, visual cue cards, and daily lessons.

  • For younger children or children with significant special needs, begin with the Book One Core Set. Book One offers 14 weeks of brief lessons, no writing, and covers the first several chapters of the classic Winnie-the-Pooh collection. Proceed to the Book Two Core Set which lengthens daily lessons, adds some fine-motor components, and finishes remaining chapters.
  • For older children, begin in the Book Three Core Set. Book Three provides 14 weeks of Aesop’s Fables, an Aesop Copybook, and covers the first chapters of Healthy, Happy, Habits. Proceed to the Book Four Core Set which lengthens daily lessons, teaches through children’s literature, and finishes the remaining chapters.

Families or classrooms with multiple ages often begin at the beginning of Myself & Others with older children as helper/readers. In this way the older students may become assistant teachers. Older children may help with demonstrating hand signals, holding the cue cards, or role playing practice sessions.

If you need to add some structure, delight, and encouragement to your days, learn more here! 


Myself & Others is a Simply Classical resource published by Memoria Press.


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