Teaching Science Classically


From Cheryl Swope | October 27, 2016 | On Classical Education

What is the classical approach to science? For science articles, theory, and descriptions, see this issue of The Classical Teacher. The quadrivium (arithmetic, music, geometry, astronomy) is re-emerging in our recovery of classical education!

Young Children & Special Needs

  • See this collection of excellent read-alouds for younger children and for students with special needs: Science and Enrichment Set. This set is a supplement for Simply Classical Level 1. Lesson plans weave together science, classical music, Christian education, art, and more. All for children with special learning needs (autism, Down Syndrome, learning disabilities, ADHD, sensory issues, and more!).
  • See more simple, beautiful, effective science resources for younger students or students with special learning needs here: Memoria Press Science.

Upper Elementary


See  free handouts on Teaching Science Classically from Science Teacher Mr. Robert Hickey’s CCLE conference sessions.

Read Dr. E. Christian Kopff on Beauty and Truth in Science, CLEJ 2013.




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