The Best Way to Teach Writing for Special Needs


From Cheryl Swope | May 18, 2018 | For Special Needs, Teaching Resources

This new student completed lessons in grammar, composition, and reading comprehension the best way possible: through delightful stories!

Blossoming readers need more than practice. They need to discover the riches of a good story.

With simplified exercises in word study, composition, and oration, these delightful guides provide a joyful introduction to children’s literature.

Teach essential language arts skills and build a good vocabulary, as your students encounter stories of tenderness, bravery, and kindness.

Created especially for struggling learners or students with special needs, these adaptations of the Memoria Press originals are each subtitled “A Guide to Reading Deeply and Writing Skillfully through a Collection of Four Stories.”

Our Simply Classical StoryTime Treasures program gives children enjoyable exercises to delve deeply into stories they already know and love. View samples and see the storybooks here.

Thanks to his momma Jessica, one of our FB Memoria Press Simply Classical Families members.

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