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From Cheryl Swope | September 26, 2017 | For Special Needs, On Classical Education

My daughter and I appreciate every one of these new, gracious testimonials. When Michelle said, “I want my story to help other children like me,” we did not even begin to envision the abundance, far above what we could ask or think. (photo taken by my son Michael Swope on our back porch)

“Thank you for striving to help us grow as parents and educators and for desiring not just the best education for our children’s minds but for them to have strong wills and loving hearts as well. So many expect too little, and of the wrong things. You help us to remember to dwell on the lofty things.” — MA

“I am excited to begin this new journey with my son! I feel a sense of peace and confidence. Thank you so much for your care and concern not just for me and and my child, but for all those who struggle.” — Shanna

Simply Classical Curriculum

Level A
“I’m really excited about this program! I can’t thank you enough for making it available.” — JM, new mother of a child with Down syndrome

“For my son, working on pointing has been huge and now he can isolate his finger and point, and as a result is exploring his environment more, pointing at pictures (non-verbal) to ask what is on the picture. — Cortney

“I started level A with my 4 yr old son this past week. My husband and I are now completely sold on this curriculum. My son is already making a ton of progress and today he talked to the lady at our local store and said “please” to her (usually he won’t say anything ….). He wakes up wanting to do school each morning. I told him we would have the weekend off and he said he still wants to do school anyway. He even started saying a couple simple prayers out loud as well! My husband was a bit on the skeptical side, but told me tonight that he’s glad I got the curriculum and that we need to keep going with it. I wanted to share how just one week has helped so much!! — Melissa

Level B 
“The pre-writing skills are one of my favorite things about the special needs curriculum!! I was thinking, ‘What? This can be FUN?’ (Because we were not having fun before the Simply Classical Curriculum. Before, there were many tears!)” — Jatina

“Thank you for this curriculum!” — a grateful mama of a child with apraxia of speech

Level C 
“I’m loving Level C! It’s been a joy to do with my daughter. I appreciate the open and go of well crafted plans.” -FA

“The plans are well-crafted but also delightful and beautiful!” — CH

Level 1
“He is reading! My mom told me over Christmas break that she didn’t think he’d ever learn to read. It’s all thanks to this program. (I’ve tried lots of others.) This program makes no leaps in knowledge. It’s just little steps, one after another, that lead to results. I couldn’t be happier with my switch to MP and especially Simply Classical.” –MB

“I am already amazed at his progress. Thank you!” — a homeschooling mother

Level 2
“The language lessons are absolutely wonderful!! I love them!! [T]hrough the language lessons his comprehension has soared!! The amount of copywork in these lessons is great too. It’s the perfect pace for my son. He loves spelling and all the stories we read. I am amazed at how comfortable he has gotten with not getting things right, his ability to keep trying until he …learns things. His expressive language through memorizing things is greatly improving! He is learning some beautiful things that will hopefully impress in his little heart and provide him comfort when he needs it. My son sits at the table each morning to wait for me to wait to get started! It’s a wonderful sight. Thank you all for everything. Just everything!!” — Nubia

“My son is doing amazing with SC Level 2.” — Jessica

“I wanted to thank you for the multiple choices in SC Level 2. I’m thankful I bought them all. I think we will be using every single thing! You made it perfect for our asynchronous children! I have been able to challenge my daughter enough, while still focusing on the most important things right now!” — CH

Level 3
“We’re in Level 3 now. It just keeps getting better and better!” –Christine

The book
Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child

“If you think you are out of hope — get this book! Two of our children were adopted through foster care, and both are quite low-functioning, although the non-verbal one is probably higher functioning than the one who “has words” but isn’t able to use them effectively. This book brought me SO MUCH HOPE. … I was almost in tears last night, after having gotten everybody to bed, and desperate to dive in to see if this book lived up to the expectations I… had after reading reviews of it. Due to the needs of these two children, I have all but lost my ability to focus–and reading ‘deep’ books is not even something I seem capable of any more, especially at night when I fall into bed exhausted. I was instantly captivated by the author’s story, as well as her ability to speak to me in terms my ever-shrinking brain could comprehend. … I couldn’t put this book down–I felt like this is the lifesaver that even specialists couldn’t send a drowning woman. I feel like I found somebody who understands my life!” — Heidi

“Your book is such a gem.” – Betty

“Yesterday my son won first place among the 4th graders at his school’s poetry recitation competition. He worked every day of spring break on this piece from Henry V without any prompting from us. I know without your book and your personal help he would still be sitting at home frustrated and feeling like a poor student. Thank you.” — Catherine

My daughter and I thank the artistic, hard-working, visionary people at Memoria Press for making all of the above possible every day.


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