Today’s topic: Executive Function


From Cheryl Swope | December 1, 2020 | For Special Needs

My son & I have begun playing chess in the evenings to strengthen the mind and improve “executive function.” Executive function is a person’s ability to order his tasks and order his mind in all of these ways:

– managing a to-do list without being overwhelmed
– stay focused on a set of tasks
– organize one’s time
– keeping track of details without losing oneself in them
– change direction to complete the next task when one is finished

This morning on Patreon we shared our family’s tabletop charts for improving executive function. Our son’s chart at age 7 helped him attain 10-15 minutes of independence. The charts we use today aspire to 2-4 hours of sustained, supervised work. We share additional resources including assessment tools to determine whether you may be dealing with Executive Function Disorder.

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