Challenger Baseball

Sometimes in small towns, services and activities for children with special needs do not exist ... until one or two families decide they should. So it was in our town. Two families, the Schotts and Marzucos, moved mountains. My own children reap the benefits. See what one town with only 5,000 people can do, when inspired by families who care.

Perhaps you have been thinking about starting something in your own small town....

Challenger Baseball

In this moving video, my husband begins the narration. My son is interviewed in the dugout, my daughter while sitting in the dirt, and I speak while standing on the sidelines.

KSDK Video

In this St. Louis tv story, my husband is the catcher in the dark blue shirt and red ball cap. My son appears at the very end in an orange jersey, tall, #34, talking to a player from an opposing team. My daughter is in a white jersey, #25, who makes it to home plate, but not before her hat falls off on the way to first!

Television Interview - Simply Classical

This is the poem Cheryl shares in the interview:

Old Man

by Michelle Swope

See yon man, bowed and bent.

See Him laid, yon crucifix.

Pipes are played, a hymn is sung,

Now that hour is sundown.

Wine in cup, and blood on tree,

Hunger for the rosary.

What Christ has done for you, for me,

Pains He shed, bread borne for thee.

The old man bowed under the Law,

Born under cross and curse.

But this Man – who knew no sin

Knew the pain, strikes and marks sin would bring.

Justice came and paid the cost,

For those He came; He saved us all.

He did what justice demanded,

All paid for our release!

This Man’s body broken by sin,

Broken by judgment we stand chagrined

(to bear upon ourselves yet groaning,

to beg for God’s tender mercy).

The lash He suffered once for all

and to His Father obeyed His call.

Judgment exchanged for Peace.

This old man lies stiff and old,

Soon twill be but dead and old.

In mercy he shall rise to the skies

In God’s banquet hall, Everlasting Life.

- by Michelle Lynn Swope

(You can find Michelle's poetry books on this website in Books.)

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