Where to Complete Coursework in Classical Education


From Cheryl Swope | June 16, 2021 |

Where to Complete Coursework in Classical Education

Not long ago, earning a minor or full degree in classical education seemed destined to remain in the realm of imagination, but today formal classical pedagogy programs exist!

Note: These are distinct from Classical Studies programs which classical educators also heartily applaud and which are increasingly popular in classical circles. The following classical education coursework and degree programs seek to restore proper order, authority, beauty, and efficacy specifically to teacher training and to the art of teaching.

To my knowledge there is no other such list compiled to date.

It has been deeply gratifying to learn that several of the programs listed here include Simply Classical as part of the required reading as an introduction to classical education, as do many K-12 schools for faculty in-service and teacher training. Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child has been called one of the best introductions to classical education in print and serves to “get everyone on the same page” in a school, homeschool group, or university teacher training. For bulk pricing of Simply Classical, you may email directly schools@memoriapress.com.

If you know of other strong programs to add to list, let me know. CherylSwopeConsultingLLC@gmail.com. I will gladly add them. The list is growing and was recently updated. To view all with hyperlinks, join us on Patreon!

Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas

Classical Concentration for Education Majors “The impetus of the new idea came from a student’s parent who sought to discuss the huge recent success of classical education programs for students from elementary to secondary education. What was needed is teachers at these popular new schools.”

Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado

Bachelor of Arts in Classical Elementary Education “The Classical Education program comprises an interdisciplinary course of study in classical studies and classical teaching methods, grounded in the liberal arts tradition with a strong foundation in the traditions of the historical Christian faith.”

Concordia University in Irvine, California

Classical Education Minor at Christ College includes fundamentals of Latin or Greek, Scripture, history, and literature, and a practicum at the Classical Academy.

Liberal Arts Major with Classical Languages Emphasis in the school of Arts and Sciences includes coursework in art history, world literature; mythology, theology, and philosophy; and Latin and Greek. 5

Concordia University in Mequon, Wisconsin

Minor in Classical Pedagogy“Students can anticipate engaging the liberal arts at all levels of the program. You will gain a solid foundation in classical culture and the Christian intellectual tradition. You will explore the history, theory and practice of a classical approach to curriculum and pedagogy.”

Bachelor of Arts in Classical Education “Some might argue the classical approach to education is outdated, but we beg to differ. In today’s world—where endless knowledge is accessible at just the click of a button—it’s more important than ever to teach students how to learn and how to think. And that’s exactly what classical education does. You’ll be well equipped to teach others in a manner that’s been around for centuries.”

Hillsdale College in Michigan

Minor in Classical Education “Studying Classical Education at Hillsdale College will challenge you to develop a vision for teaching that is grounded in the time-tested curriculum and pedagogy of the liberal-arts tradition and encourages students to grow in wisdom and virtue.”

Memoria College

Summer Courses:

Saving Western Civilization: An Introduction to Classical Education We discuss what education itself consists of, how classical education differs from other, modern definitions of education, how classical education fits in to the history of education, the relevance of classical education to STEM education, and the relationship of classical education to religious belief.

Order and Inspiration: An Introduction to Classical Pedagogy The student learns the best method of approach to teaching specific subjects such as the basic skills of reading, mathematics, and penmanship; classical languages; the trivium subjects of grammar, logic, and rhetoric; as well as the proper teaching of the humanities and the natural sciences. Participants gain a basic knowledge of important modern pedagogical debates, with an emphasis on the debate between traditional education and modern progressivism.

New Saint Andrews

Master of Studies (in Classical Christian Studies) “If education is a kind of warfare, then educators are the blacksmiths. They forge and sharpen the minds of the next generation. We wouldn’t send soldiers out with faulty armor and dull weapons. We shouldn’t do so with our students.”

Templeton Honors College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Master of Arts in Teaching “This distinctively classical approach to training teachers takes formation in virtue as the central task of education. To this end, the program charts a course between the exclusive focus of most education programs on method and technique and the exclusive focus of most liberal arts programs on content alone. Through study of the Great Books in Socratic seminars, students will approach foundational questions about education by integrating considerations of history, philosophy, and pedagogy.”

University of Dallas in Dallas, Texas

Classical Education Graduate Program “By providing foundations in classical principles and pedagogy, the Classical Education Graduate Program aspires to form educators as master teachers. Students in the program explore the historical, philosophic, literary, aesthetic, rhetorical, and scientific roots of the liberal arts in the Western tradition.”

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