Why Teach Cursive? Why Teach Handwriting At All?


From Cheryl Swope | September 11, 2019 | For Special Needs, On Classical Education, Teaching Resources

Brain imaging allows for interesting studies.


When Indiana University professor Karin James pondered the purpose of teaching writing, she conducted an experiment with young children. Half had been taught only to visually recognize letters. Half had been taught also to write them. After just four weeks, brain scans showed enormous spikes in brain activity related to reading in the second group of children. Mere recognition and even “typing seems to be different than handwriting,” she concluded. “You’re actually creating those forms with your hands. That seems to be making a difference.

No wonder Memoria Press founder Cheryl Lowe called handwriting “the original hands-on learning!”

In our debut issue of the Simply Classical Journal, Handwriting Expert Iris Hatfield shares her Top 10 Reasons to Learn Cursive. See if you are persuaded!

We offer a variety of programs to help you teach. When you order, be sure to request the Individual Simply Classical Lesson Plans if your student needs a multi-modal approach to learning.

Creator of New American Cursive Iris Hatfield writes, “Developing an attractive, legible handwriting style certainly has great aesthetic value, but it also has numerous mental, physical, social, and practical benefits.” 

See those Top Ten Benefits.

Happy writing!


“Because words pass away as soon as they strike upon the air, and last no longer than their sound, men have by means of letters formed signs of words. Thus the sounds of the voice are made visible to the eye, not of course as sounds, but by means of certain signs.” — Augustine, On Christian Doctrine



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