You Are Not Alone: Important Video on Caring for Someone with Mental Illness


From Cheryl Swope | October 31, 2016 | For Special Needs

Both of our adopted twins struggle with schizophrenia, as did their biological mother long before she gave birth to them.

When my children were much younger, I suspected symptoms and fought back tears when I finally attended a “You Are Not Alone” conference. During the conference, Linda Preus spoke words I’ll never forget: “My daughter needs me to verify reality for her.” So does mine.

That afternoon, her husband shared a 30-minute message, You Are Not Alone. This message is now available online for free.

The conference was hosted that year by Concordia Seminary through NAMI. My tears formed early that day, as the sun rose while I drove slowly onto the campus past the sign with the reassuring message, “You Are Not Alone.”



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