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Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child gives a clear and practical introduction to classical Christian education. The reader will be excited by the ideas and deeply moved by her story.” 

Dr. E. Christian Kopff, author The Devil Knows Latin

“The story gifts the reader with wisdom and practical application, but perhaps more than anything a genuine hope for any parent of a special needs child—even those with serious challenges.”

Andrew Pudewa, Institute for Excellence in Writing

“The story is truly inspiring. This second edition is packed with more detailed info on how to implement a classical program for special needs students.” Alyssa, homeschooler

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  • Private Consultations Initial Intake: $35 non-refundable, includes reviewing submitted documents. One-hour appointment by phone: $150.
  • Schools, groups, and families with multiple children, hourly rates vary with pricing to be determined.

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“You exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were high! ” Jim Whiteman, Headmaster Westside Christian Academy, OH


“Thank you for creating such a hopeful plan for my children.” Grace, homeschooling mother in Australia


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