Educating Children with Special Needs


From Cheryl Swope | September 12, 2019 | For Special Needs, On Classical Education, Teaching Resources

Our Simply Classical Curriculum begins at the beginning with stories, oral language, and readiness.

We believe ALL children can benefit from the delight, beauty, and wonder of a good story!

From ages 2 through high school, our Simply Classical Curriculum provides everything you need to teach every subject every year. More levels release annually.

Currently available with free online placement tests for each level:

Readiness A, B, C

Primary 1, 2, 3

Grammar 4, 5, 6

Read why we believe a classical education — The Liberating Arts — can benefit more children than we once thought possible:

Some parents and educators have the misconception that classical education is only for “smart kids.” It is easy to understand why someone might think this way. Latin at age eight? Homer by fourteen? With such standards, one might reason, surely classical education is only for born geniuses—the brightest and best of our children. But what about those children who are not born geniuses? What about those who, far from being intellectually gifted, are living with cognitive challenges, language disorders, or physical disabilities? Does classical education have anything to offer them? Can a classical education benefit any child? …


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