Happy National Handwriting Day!


From Cheryl Swope | January 23, 2020 |

We love celebrating writing!

Today only, save 15% on all handwriting materials from Memoria Press.

This includes our unique Simply Classical Handwriting Lesson Plans. Order from sales@memoriapress.com with promo code 20nhd15%.

Tip: Beginning students will need 1) New American Cursive 1 and 2) Simply Classical Individual Writing Plans from Level 2.

With the friendly assistance of this friendly Meerkat, we include New American Cursive in our Simply Classical Curriculum packages. NAC is based on research to assist all students including those who are left-handed, reluctant writers, developmentally delayed, or dysgraphic.

Read the “Top Ten Reasons to Learn Cursive” from handwriting expert and Simply Classical friend, Iris Hatfield.

See all of our Simply Classical Spelling, Penmanship, and Writing programs for struggling students and students with special needs.

How will YOU celebrate??

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