How To Teach Social Skills & Manners through Children’s Literature


From Cheryl Swope | May 21, 2018 | For Special Needs, Teaching Resources

Ready to see improved social skills and manners within 14 weeks? Myself & Others: Lessons in Social Understanding, Habits, and Manners is a new program for anyone who wishes to restore common decency in our culture – one student at a time. We help children see the need of others, become more compassionate, and more interested in serving, developing healthy habits, and practicing good manners.

This program is designed for any child but can also be taught to children with special learning needs, such as those with autism, attention or executive function difficulties, mental illness, medical or neurological conditions, learning or language disabilities, or intellectual disability, such as Down syndrome. We include the visual aids and clear instructions to assist teaching.

Myself & Others provides explicit, bite-sized lessons expanded through the delight of classic children’s literature. Whereas some social skills programs can be overly clinical, uninspiring, and oddly self-focused, Myself & Others helps your child see beyond himself in meaningful, memorable ways. Children’s literature is the “special ingredient.”

Each 14-week program is designed with 4-day weekly lessons for ages 4-13. Younger children can be taught in as little as 30-40 minutes per day.

Each set is a stand-alone course that can be taught alongside any curriculum in the home or classroom during the school year and also serves as a perfect summer course.

For parents, homeschoolers, grandparents, tutors, and summer day programs —

Order now: Myself & Others for summer or fall.


Grateful for the excellent books we get to dive in to with Memoria Press! We use the Myself and Others Level 1 set and just finished the book Rikki Tikki Tavithis week.

[A]ll 3 of my boys loved it and my oldest has been asking for a mongoose since the first day we read it.

Today, our little chihuahua mix killed a garden snake in the backyard while the boys were playing and now they can’t stop talking about how loving and loyal our dog was to “save their lives” (although they weren’t in any real danger, lol!).

I love that both my autistic 5 year old and his neurotypical brothers all learn so much from each week and their love of good books continues to grow!

Thank you for putting these sets together! They are wonderful for everyone! — Jeannette


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