Ordinary Days


From Cheryl Swope | October 27, 2020 |

Day by day our cares and tasks may seem habitual, or laden with more duty than love, but there is a miracle at work in the sacrificial diligence of the daily moments and doing what is set before us to do. G. K. Chesterton writes, “The most extraordinary thing in the world is an ordinary man and an ordinary woman and their ordinary children.”

This week a pastor requested the article I wrote containing the above words. Here it is in full: Nothing Ordinary, published in The Classical Teacher by Memoria Press.

Embark on delightful read-alouds that take you far away. Determine to teach richer set of subjects with your child or grandchild. Reclaim the teaching of manners and civility, one student at a time. Even during isolation, quarantine, and being careful to keep everyone safe, our days need never be “ordinary.”

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