Setting Boundaries: ASD, Bipolar, ODD, ADHD


From Cheryl Swope | January 14, 2021 | For Special Needs, Teaching Resources, Other

For a child with a weak, distractible, or recalcitrant mind, rules can seem difficult to remember and impossible to follow. It is as if every situation involves a new door through which entering guarantees only impending pitfalls.

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If you are ready to dig in and begin addressing this area on your own with specific instructions day by day, you may teach immediately from 14-week courses for children young and old, consider these open-and-go packaged programs well suited for children or teens on the autism spectrum, with bipolar or other mental illness, oppositional defiant disorder, or ADHD. The sets give you a point of reference throughout your day and teach directly from literature to impact wisdom while improving an awareness of (and appreciation for) rules and expectations in different contexts:

Myself & Others: Lessons in Social Understanding, Habits, & Manners, for ages or maturity levels of age 4-13. (Simply Classical resources from Memoria Press)

See also the book with an entire chapter devoted to Behavior Strategies within the elevating context of classical education and parenting, Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child (2nd edition, Memoria Press, 2019).

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