Teaching Children with Special Needs


From Cheryl Swope | November 5, 2019 | For Special Needs, On Classical Education, Teaching Resources

Is better to teach children with special needs from an integrated curriculum designed for children with special needs? Learn why curricular cohesion provides inherent repetition, delight, and mastery for children with special needs.

The Simply Classical Curriculum gives children from ages 2 and up the oral language, written language, reading, arithmetic, science, history, and eventually even Latin necessary for an excellent education.

Whether you need only a handful of materials or everything required for a full year, we can help. We believe that we must do better than a laissez faire approach to teaching children with special needs. We believe that we must do better than a mere life-skills-only approach to teaching children with special needs.

We give you the materials, the daily lesson plans, and the customer service with community to help you and your student(s) thrive.

“In some circles the word “curriculum” is anathema. It is far better, this thinking asserts, to take a relaxed approach to education, to teach a la carte.” After all, we must not be dogmatic….(keep reading)

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